CLI tool to build a symbol graph by querying a language server
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$ cnpm install lspindex 
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A CLI tool to start a language server speaking the Language Server Protocol on a project, query all its symbols and references and output the result as graph encoded in GXL.


You need NodeJS installed.

npm install --global lspindex


lspindex --rootUri <rootUri> <language server command to run>

  --version      Show version number                                   [boolean]
  --rootPath     The rootUri to pass to the language server in the initialize
                 message                                     [string] [required]
  --filePattern  Glob pattern for files that symbols should be collected from
                 (relative to rootPath)                                 [string]
  --outFile      The file path to the output GXL file        [string] [required]
  --help         Show help                                             [boolean]

  lspindex --rootPath                        Analyze Python files in the flask
  /Users/felix/git/flask --filePattern      project with the Python language
  '**/*.py' --outFile flask.gxl pyls        server and write the result to


npm install

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