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$ cnpm install lindory-put 
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Lindory put

Linput is a small benchmark/test utility for the Lindory project.

It can create a fake RDF/skos dataset or load a custom one, and load it into Lindory. It also reports the insertion progress according to the server response, and measures the time for each operation.


Use npm to install:

$ npm install -g lindory-put


$ linput [-u user:password] TARGET_URL [OPTIONS]
  • -u | --user <user:password>: User name and password that will be used for server authentication.
  • -s | --size <box_number>: size of generated data (number of boxes, default value is set to 50). Strings 'small', 'medium' and 'big' can also be used.
  • -f | --force: force generating data (generate a file "/dataset/bench-put.xml").
  • -c | --clean: clean lindory after bench, by removing the container(s).
  • -C | --copy: requests a copy of the bench container once uploaded.
  • -i | --input <FILE>: loads a custom XML file to send to the server. This disables any "-f | --force" option, preventing Linput from overwriting your custom file. If "_" is provided as FILE, then reads from the standard input.
  • -z | --gzip, --ungzip, --gunzip: Reads and decompresses input using gzip. Implied when the filename given with -i ends with ".gz".


The command will display the progress of the operation, indicating the number of characters sent by the server, which should be equal to the number of boxes processed. If any, an error counter is displayed, showing the number of "x" received.

Upon completion of the test, the following information will be written for each request (PUT and DELETE):

  • Status Code of the response
  • Start and end date
  • Duration of the request



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