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Nest is a foundational framework for front end web applications. It provides the following:

  • Development Server that compiles CoffeeScript, Sass etc... ( via Mincer, Express ).
  • Build System for building and minifying the code (via Mincer, Uglifyjs, CSSWrig).
  • Environment configuration that is available for the front end code.
  • Autoprefix & Autopolyfill your code (TODO).
  • Modular: third party modules can be built for it.
  • Some configuration, some convention.
  • Download and copy all of the external resources. (TODO)


The only conventions are the three main files, that will be build and used:

  • index.html - The only html file that is serves the application
  • application.js - The JavaScript file for that application
  • application.css - The CSS for the application

And the location and naming of the configuration files:

  • config/application.(coffee|js) - The main configuration file
  • config/environments/development.(coffee|js) - The environment specific configuration


The following configurations are available for all built-in modules:

  • assets: An array of directories for Mincer
  • port: The port to run the server
  • static: The static content for the server
  • title: The title of the application
  • buildDirectory: A relative path for the build directory
  • externalCSS: These are the external CSS files that the application uses
  • externalJS: These are the external JavaScript files that the application uses

Any other configuration that you specify here is available for the application.


module.exports =
  # Basic configuration
  assets: ["source","stylesheets"]
  static: "static"
  buildDirectory: 'build'
  title: "Test Application"

  # Custom configuration
  endpoint: ""

Built-in Modules


nest server

It creates a development server for serving the main files.


nest build

It builds all the main files (mainly for production). All of the main files are minified.

Static Server

nest static

It will start a static server for the build directory, it is used in production.

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