Utility for deploying Kinvey DLC microservices to Kinvey’s Node DLC PaaS.

This package has been deprecated and folded into the kinvey-cli. Please use that package instead
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$ cnpm install kinvey-dlc-cli -g
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Kinvey DLC CLI

Utility for deploying Kinvey DLC microservices to Kinvey’s Node DLC PaaS.


npm install -g kinvey-dlc-cli


In your project directory, run kinvey-dlc-cli config to set-up your project. The CLI will prompt for Kinvey credentials, app, and Data Link.


  • config - set project options.
  • deploy - deploy the current project as a Kinvey-backed Data Link Connector. You can check the status of a deploy using the status command.
  • help - display usage information.
  • list - list the configured Kinvey-backed Data Link Connectors for the current app.
  • logs - query logs for this Kinvey-backed Data Link Connector.
    • Logs are displayed in the following format: <runtime id> <timestamp> - <message>
    • E.g. ac7df839104d 2016-02-23T20:00:29.334Z - hello world
  • recycle - recycle the Data Link Connector.
  • status <job> - return the job status of a deploy command.


  • -e, --email <e-mail> - e-mail address of your Kinvey account.
  • --host <host> - set host of the Kinvey service.
  • -p, --password <password> - password of your Kinvey account.
  • -s, --silent - do not output anything.
  • -c, --suppress-version-check - do not check for package updates.
  • -v, --verbose - output debug messages.


Run any command with the --verbose flag to see what is going on when executing a command. If problems persist, please contact Kinvey. In any case, make sure you have configured your project using the config command before attempting to execute any other commands.


See the Changelog for a list of changes.


Copyright (c) 2016, Kinvey, Inc. All rights reserved.

This software is licensed to you under the Kinvey terms of service located at By downloading, accessing and/or using this
software, you hereby accept such terms of service  (and any agreement referenced
therein) and agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by such
terms of service and are of legal age to agree to such terms with Kinvey.

This software contains valuable confidential and proprietary information of
KINVEY, INC and is subject to applicable licensing agreements.
Unauthorized reproduction, transmission or distribution of this file and its
contents is a violation of applicable laws.

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