KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based API testing tool for NodeJS
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KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based testing tool for Node.

Quick start

Use for shooting HTTP requests in a sequential order and verifying the response. Any relevant difference between expected and actual responses will cause a failure.

The validator makes use of a few tags with special meaning:

Match anything (i.e. no real validation, only check existence).

Match nothing (i.e. no real validation, only check lack of existence)

Store value of the whole string (key must be unique within testcase)

Recall stored value.

The "{{_}}" tag can also be used as a JSON object's property in order to validate any other additional properties.

By default, the builtin validator will allow additional properties in an object structure, or additional items in an array structure. To counteract that default, one can do {..., "{{_}}": "{{unexpected}}"} or [..., "{{unexpected}}"], effectively making a rule that no properties/items are expected beyond the ones defined.


katt = require 'katt'
scenario = './doc/example-httpbin.apib'
params =
  hostname: 'httpbin.org'
  my_name: 'Joe'
  your_name: 'Mike'
katt.run {scenario, params}, (err, result ) ->
  console.log result


  • katt.run to be called async with
    • scenario
    • params (optional)
      • protocol
      • hostname
      • port
      • requestTimeout
      • scenarioTimeout
    • callbacks (optional)
      • recall to be called with scope, input, params, callbacks
      • parse to be called with headers, body, params, callbacks
      • request to be called async with request, params, callbacks
      • validate to be called async with actual, expected, params, callbacks


A pull-request is most welcome. Please make sure that the following criteria are fulfilled before making your pull-request:

  • Include a description regarding what has been changed and why.
  • Make sure that the changed or added functionality (if you modify code) is covered by unit tests.
  • Make sure that all unit tests pass.


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