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$ cnpm install juns-dev-api 
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Express API ES6 Starter

Starter application for building APIs with Express.js

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Clone the repository, install the dependencies and get started right away.

$ git clone git@github.com:mesaugat/express-api-es6-starter.git <application-name>
$ cd <application-name>
$ rm -rf .git
$ yarn   # or npm install

Make a copy of .env.example as .env and update your application details and database credentials. Now, run the migrations and seed the database.

$ yarn migrate
$ yarn seed

Finally, start the application.

$ yarn start:dev (For development)
$ NODE_ENV=production yarn start (For production)

Navigate to http://localhost:8848/api-docs/ to verify installation.

Creating new Migrations and Seeds

These are the commands to create a new migration and corresponding seed file.

$ yarn make:migration <name>
$ yarn make:seeder <name>


$ yarn make:migration create_tags_table
$ yarn make:seeder 02_insert_tags

Setup Using Docker

Use docker-compose to quickly bring up a stack with pre-configured Postgres database container. Data is ephemeral and containers will disappear when stack is removed.

Specific configuration for Docker is in .env.docker

  • as $APP_HOST to expose app on Docker network interface
  • Pre-configured Postgres settings - can be updated to point to another Postgres host

Bring up stack,

$ docker-compose up

Navigate to http://localhost:8848/api-docs/ to verify application is running from docker.

Bring down stack,

$ docker-compose down

Using MySQL instead of PostgreSQL

Install the mysql driver first.

$ yarn add mysql

Update these lines in your .env file.

- DB_CLIENT='pg'
+ DB_CLIENT='mysql'

- DB_PORT='5432'
+ DB_PORT='3306'

You can remove the pg driver if you like to.

$ yarn remove pg

That's it, you are ready to roll.


To run the tests you need to create a separate test database. Don't forget to update your .env file to include the connections for test database.

$ NODE_ENV=test yarn migrate
$ yarn test

Run tests with coverage.

$ yarn test:coverage

Why 8848?

Because the highest point in the world is 8848 metres.


For contribution and feature requests, please create an issue first.


express-api-es6-starter is under MIT License.

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