A lightweight interactive json workbench
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$ cnpm install jsonyx -g
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A lightweight interactive JSON parser/inspector that leverages the full power of Node.js, or for those that prefer: CoffeeScript.


It's recommended to install jsonyx globally so it can be used from anywhere.

sudo npm install -g jsonyx


Typical usage might look something like this, where the curl is outputting a JSON payload. When the REPL begins the data variable holds the parsed payload.

$ curl http://my.json.app/endpoint | jsonyx
> data.map(function (a) { return a.b.c; });
[ 'foo',
  'baz' ]


usage: jsonyx [options] [file]...

  -c, --coffee          use CoffeeScript, if installed
  -e, --eval script     evaluate script, print result
  -h, --help            this message
  -l, --lines           treat each line as a separate JSON document
  -s, --script path     read script from path


Line Mode

When using line mode with a REPL, lines will be buffered to an array which will be available via data. This differs slightly from using line mode with a script, where the script will be run against each line, and data will hold that single parsed line.

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