Jira CLI focused on flexible ticket creation
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$ cnpm install jicli 
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An interactive Jira CLI

JIRA CLI focused on simple ticket creation, written in Node.

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> npm install -g jicli


On first usage, run jicli and you will be asked for your Jira credentials:

> jicli

 Jira host:  example.atlassian.com
 Jira username : user1
 Jira password: ***********
 HTTP protocol (http or https) https

Config settings will be saved in <project-root>/.jicli/config.json.


Run jicli or jicli --help to get usage:

  Usage: jicli [options] [command]


    create [options]  Create a new issue


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number


  Usage: create [options]

  Create a new issue


    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -p, --project [key]         Project key
    -t, --issue-type [type]     Issue type (numeric or enum{task, story, sub-task, epic, bug})
    -s, --summary [string]      Summary (title)
    -d, --description [string]  Description (opens in editor)
    -x, --skip-description      Skip entering the description field
    -l, --labels [l1,l2,l3]     Labels (comma-delimited)
    -a, --assignee [username]   Assignee (use `me` to assign to yourself)


Usage: config [options]

  Re-initialize your config


    -h, --help  output usage information

Jicli uses the find-config package to look for the .jicli folder. The order used:

  • Current working directory
  • Navigate up parent directories under getting to /
  • Finally, look in home directory

If not found, the following is done to determine where to create the .jicli folder:

  • If current working directory has a package.json file, create folder here
  • If not, navigate up parent directories looking for package.json until you hit /
  • If not found, create folder in current directory


Creating issues

Create issue interactively with prompts:

jicli create

? Project:  Mobile
? Issue Type: Task
? Issue Title:  My new issue

Supply some of the required fields and jicli will ask for the missing items:

jicli create -p MOB -t Task

? Issue Title:  My new issue

Notice that project and issue type prompts are skipped

Holy grail with all required and optional fields ()

jicli create -p MOB -t task -s "My issue title" -d "My issue description" -l 'label1,label2' -a me


When you first set up jicli, it will prompt for your username / password. From this, it will create a token and add it to the config file <root>/.jicli/config.json


Project uses debug module with debug key jicli. Run:

DEBUG=jicli* jicli create ...

This will add additional debugging information to file <root>/.jicli/logger.log instead of stdout as it's awkward to output to the console while requesting stdin.


PRs accepted. Note that code uses standard styling.


MIT © Dan Caddigan

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