Isomorphic unsafe node.js vm for node and browser
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$ cnpm install isomorphic-vm 
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Isomorphic VM

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Based on vm-browserify.

Provides an isomorphic api for node.js in browser. Uses the native vm module in node.js environment.


You can install this package with the following command:

npm install isomorphic-vm

Using with webpack and browserify

It works with webpack and browserify out of box, but you will need to add vm as external module to avoid errors (or warnings).


This library mimics the node.js's vm module.

However, the shim ignores the options for every function.

Also keep in mind, there is a very subtle difference, this library doesn't re-export the vm or shim, it exports one of them on the default export. In other words, instead of doing this:

import * as vm from 'vm';

you should do:

import vm from 'isomorphic-vm';


The typescript type definitions are also available and are installed via npm.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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