Insomnia plugin that provides easy authentication against .

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$ cnpm install insomnia-plugin-oidc-plus4u-new 
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This Insomnia plugin enables easy authentication againsts



You can either install the plugin from or you can clone the git repository to Insomnia plugin folder. You can find more information at


Just install plugin again. New version replaces the old version.

How to use ?

The plugin register Template Tag with name "Token from". You can use this template tag anywhere you can use environment variable (even in the environment configuration). In tag configuration you can specify choose to prompt for access codes or specify the accessCode1 and accessCode2 (and you also see obtained token in the Live preview). Prompting for access codes is realiazed via password inputs, so nobody will see your acess codes. Please note that access codes specified in the configuration are stored in wokrspace as plain text.


  • easy Insomnia authentication against
  • support of multiple identites (credentials can be configured for each use of the template tag)
  • cache (all valid tokens are cached, the TTL is 10 minutes)


  • if you specify access codes in configuration, your login information is part of insomnia configuration in plain text (so never share the workspace with this plugin to other people). It is recommended that you use this template tag only in environment variables and you clear the environment before sharing

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