Implied is a tool that reduces boilerplate cruft in your ExpressJS web app by providing reusable web app components.
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$ cnpm install implied 
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Implied - Reusable ExpressJS Components

Implied is a tool that reduces boilerplate cruft in your ExpressJS web app by providing reusable web app components.

With Implied's plugin system you can choose what components you want to use for your app, in just one line.

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First, install implied with npm:

$ npm install --save-dev implied 

or install with yarn:

$ yarn add --dev implied

Then add config.js to your Express app's root directory. (See Configuration for more details)

module.exports = function(app){
    app.set('port', 3000);

Then in your app.js pass your ExpressJS app to implied and enable plugins

const implied = require('implied');
const express = require('express');


var app = implied(app, {
    listen: true

app.plugin('mongo', 'boilerplate', 'sendgrid', 'users'); // choose plugins you want in dependency order. Currently many things depend on 'mongo'.

That's it! Your app should be live at localhost:3000


Our testing enivronment uses docker for setup and configuration

To run tests, run this command docker-compose up


Implied's configuration is done with the config.js file. To set an option for Implied, open/create your config.js file (in your project root) and add app.set($property_name, 'somevalue') to set the property_name setting to the value somevalue.

Property Valid Values Default Description Required?
app_name any string project root folder name Name of the implied application. Used to set the database name and used in transactional emails No
dir any valid path path to project root Sets the path to the project root. Used to locate implied's config file (which is at the root) and the views directory. No
upload_dir any string app_name Sets the name of the upload directory No
listen boolean false If enabled makes implied listen on the port given in configuration No
login_url any valid URI /login Sets the name of the login route No
forms object {} Dictionary/hashmap containing jade layouts for displaying each collection in admin panel No
logoutSSO_Discourse any valid URL null Callback URL for discourse logout SSO No
db_name any valid mongo url app_name Mongo URI used to connect to specific database No
admin_email any valid email Reply email used when sending transactional emails to users No
error_email any valid email admin_email Email address that errors are sent to when running in production mode No
port integer 3000 Port that Implied will bind to and listen on No
host valid url/domain localhost Host that Implied will listen on. Also used for session authentictation No


The 'mongo' module wraps mongojs (a mongodb client), and sets an app variable with the database reference for use by other modules.



The db.users collection contains all users creates by implied, as they sign up.

user.resetrequired can be set in a document to indicate a user must reset their password before logging in.


A reasonable set of defaults for express middleware, for a typical website. It includes bodyParser, cookies, sessions. If you do need extra middleware in between the default middleware (ordinally), you won't be able to use this.



The 'users' module handles user registration, logins and password resets. Users are stored in MongoDB so this depends on the 'mongo' module.

app.plugin('mongo', 'boilerplate', 'users'); // to install

You'll need the following views with HTML forms, unless you'd rather use the rest interface.

views/pages/login.jade - contains a form with an input of name "password" and "email", at least. views/pages/signup.jade - contains a form with an input of name "password" and "email", at least. views/pages/password-reset-submit.jade - contain a form with an input of name "email".


You can trigger something to happen when a user signs up as follows:

implied.on('signup', function(user){});


Provides other modules with a wrapped sendgrid email client, app.get('mailer').

app.get('mailer').send_mail({to:'', subject:'Test', body:'You are reading the contents of a test email... Bored?''});


Follow the basic design idea of being pragmatic please. New features should directly solve specific problems, and not introduce abstraction without doing so. And yes, implied is written in coffeescript. If you have a strong opinion about this... please just relax! The controversy over coffeescript is much more costly than the very minimal difference between using it and javascript :)

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