iBazel Benchmark Runner
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$ cnpm install ibazel-benchmark-runner 
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iBazel Benchmark Runner

This script runs iBazel on a specified target with the iBazel profiler enabled. After the initial build completes, it modifies a specified file by adding a newline to the end of it. The script reports the initial build time and the incremental build RTT.

It can also optionally launch chrome to a specified URL and report on the browser load RTT if the target (such as ts_devserver) serves a website.


The scripts outputs the RTT in ms as follows:

[ibazel-benchmark-runner] Initial build time 24059ms
[ibazel-benchmark-runner] Incremental build RTT 4192ms
[ibazel-benchmark-runner] Browser load RTT 4402ms


node_modules/.bin/ibazel-benchmark-runner <run_target> <file_to_modify> [--url=<url>] [--initial_timeout=<seconds>] [--incremental_timeout=<seconds>]

Argument Description
run_target The bazel target to run.
file_to_modify The file to modify in order to start in incremental build (a newline will be added to the end of this file).
url Url for the benchmark to navigate to in order to measure browser interactive RTT for incremental build (optional).
initial_timeout Maximum time to wait for the initial build (defaults to 300 seconds).
incremental_timeout Maximum time to wait for the incremental build (defaults to 60 seconds).
browser_timeout Maximum time to wait for browser page load event (defaults to 60 seconds).

For example:

node_modules/.bin/ibazel-benchmark-runner //src:devserver src/foo/bar.ts --url=http://localhost:5432

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