Hubot adapter for GoCD
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$ cnpm install hubot-gocd 
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hubot-gocd adds GoCD monitoring support to hubot

Build Status


This plugin enables hubot to react on GoCD build events as well as query the current build state of your projects. It queries the cctray.xml status file every two minutes and if a build switched, e.g. from green to red, hubot announces it to the defined chat channel.

Installation and Setup

Add hubot-gocd to your package.json, run npm install and add hubot-gocd to external-scripts.json.

Add hubot-gocd to your package.json dependencies.

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-gocd": ">= 0.0.3"

Add hubot-gocd to external-scripts.json.

> cat external-scripts.json
> ["hubot-gocd"]

You need to specify the chat room to use for build events and the cctray.xml to use on startup:

  HUBOT_GOCI_CCTRAY_URL="http://my.goserver.example/cctray.xml" \

If your GoCD server requires authentication to access cctray.xml you can provide them by setting the environment variables:


Preferably, create a user account with read-only access on GoCD for Hubot.


folker> hubot build status
hubot> Good news, everyone! All green!
hubot> Whoops! some-pipeline :: unit-tests FAILED in #37!
folker> hubot build status
hubot> some-pipeline :: unit-tests(#37) is broken!
hubot> Good news, everyone! some-pipeline :: unit-tests is green again in #38!

TLS Support

You can specify your own certificate authority file if you need to use a certificate that does not validate against the system one and you can't add your CA to the system list

HUBOT_GOCI_TLS_CA_FILE=/path/to/ca.crt ... bin/hubot

IF you just want to test TLS connectivity, you can also disable certificate validation use at your own risk,


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