A hubot script for when you need a kitten
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$ cnpm install hubot-emergencykitten 
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Hubot: hubot-emergencykitten

Sometimes you need an emergency kitten. All images come from (GitHub)and are either under a Creative Commons license or were marked as shareable by their creators.

See src/ for full documentation.


Run npm install hubot-emergencykitten --save

Add hubot-emergencykitten to your external-scripts.json:


Sample Interaction

This script works best with Chat apps that support image preview (Slack, RocketChat, Mattermost, ...)

user1> hubot kitten

Update the kitten list

The list of kittens is located in data/ for easier access. If other kittens are added to EmergencyKitten and you want them you can update the kitten list by running getKittens.js in the console with NodeJS (the file should be located in the node_modules/hubot-emergencykitten/ folder of your hubot installation folder):

nodejs getKittens.js

The script is far from being what you could call "proper JavaScript", but it works and is far from enough considering you won't be running it that often.

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