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$ cnpm install hsdoc 
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npm install -g hsdoc


In the root directory of your project:

hsdoc -a

This will give you a gh-pages branch with your documentation in it, and push it to github. Just run it again whenever you make changes.


HsDoc looks for three things: source files, examples, and an intro.

The source files get ran through Docco, and (by default) spat out into docs/build/source. Use the -s parameter (or source in your .hsdoc file) to control what glob pattern is used to find your files.

The examples should be (by default) in docs/examples. The general structure is:

docs/examples/1-My Awesome Example.md
docs/examples/2-Harder Stuff.md

The numbers are used to preserve an order when showing them in the index page, and are optional.

Your intro is either your README.md, or docs/intro.md. It's used to provide a project summary, and on the project's index page. Your intro will also be used in the forthcoming bestjs style guide.

Index Page

HsDoc builds you an index page at index.html with the full (compiled) content of your intro, and a listing of your source files and examples. If you already have an index page of some sort, you might want to use the --index option to have HsDocs index file placed somewhere else.


See hsdoc --help for options. You can also add a .hsdoc yaml file to the root of your project to provide configuration. See hapijs for an example.

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