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$ cnpm install hs-rosetta 
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hs-rosetta is a hsd plugin for coinbase rosetta.


hsd --plugins hs-rosetta --index-tx --index-address

requires --index-tx --index-address for reporting account balances.



NOTE: We do not support querying address balance by height yet. According to the spec, this is optional.


Install hsd:

$ git clone https://github.com/handshake-org/hsd
$ cd hsd
$ npm install

Install hs-rosetta:

$ git clone https://github.com/handshake-org/hs-rosetta
$ cd hs-rosetta
$ npm install
$ npm link

Link hs-rosetta:

$ cd hsd
$ npm link hs-rosetta

Sync mainnet:

$ hsd --plugins hs-rosetta --index-tx --index-address

Install rosetta-cli:

$ go get github.com/coinbase/rosetta-cli

Run check:

$ rosetta-cli check --lookup-balance-by-block=false

NOTE: --lookup-balance-by-block=false is required because we do not support querying address balance by height yet.

Successful result:

>>Adding block &{Index:17819 Hash:00000000000002146e6df64bc47a06b89e936b5e4f5349e3ffbaab27e4439644}
>>2020/06/03 17:17:38 Syncer at tip 17820...sleeping

If it fails, you might see Reconciliation failed or similar error. Please report it.


Options to the Rosetta HTTP Server can be configured by using the following arguments prefix with --rosetta, for example: --rosetta-http-port=8123:

  http-host: HTTP host (
  http-port: HTTP port (8080)
  api-key: API key (disabled)
  no-auth: Disable auth (disabled for localhost)
  cors: Enable CORS (disabled)
  ssl: Whether to enable SSL (false)
  ssl-key: SSL key (disabled)
  ssl-cert: SSL cert (disabled)

Defaults are indicated in paranthesis.

The same options can be configured using the file: ~/.hsd/rosetta.conf assuming the prefix is ~/.hsd, for example:

$ cat ~/.hsd/rosetta.conf

rosetta-http-port: 8123

Contribution and License Agreement

If you contribute code to this project, you are implicitly allowing your code to be distributed under the MIT license. You are also implicitly verifying that all code is your original work. </legalese>


Copyright (c) 2020, The Handshake Developers (MIT License)

See LICENSE for more info.

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