Nunjucks renderer plugin for Hexo
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$ cnpm install hexo-renderer-nunjucks 
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Add support for Nunjucks templates to Hexo websites.

All template files suffixed with .njk or .j2 (Jinja2) will be converted to HTML pages.


Note: this module is installed by default since hexo@5.x.
For other Hexo versions, run the following command in an Hexo project folder of yours.

$ npm install hexo-renderer-nunjucks



Tests and code coverage are generated when running the following command.

npm test

Pull Requests will be checked automatically with Coveralls. Their bot will comment about the coverage change as a comment to the code change.

Releasing a new version

A bug fix and non-breaking code release can be created with the following commands:

npm version patch
git push && git push --tags

Read npm version documentation to learn more about other companion commands, such as npm version major (breaking change) and npm version minor (features, new stuff), amongst others.

Publishing on npm

This package is automatically published on npm as hexo-renderer-nunjucks for every new Git tag.

Two secrets environment variables need to be setup in Travis CI Repo Settings :

NPM_USER_EMAIL Email of the npm user account with write access to hexo-renderer-nunjucks.
NPM_API_KEY API Token associated to the aforementioned user.

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