Returns true if any values exist, false if empty. Works for booleans, functions, numbers, strings, nulls, objects and arrays.
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Returns true if any values exist, false if empty. Works for booleans, functions, numbers, strings, nulls, objects and arrays.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save has-values


const has = require('has-values');

Create an isEmpty function by returning the inverse of the result from has-values:

const isEmpty = val => !has(val);

Supported types


console.log(has(['a']));      //=> true
console.log(has([0]));        //=> true
console.log(has([[[]]]));     //=> false
console.log(has([[], []]));   //=> false
console.log(has([]));         //=> false


console.log(has(true));  //=> true
console.log(has(false)); //=> true


console.log(has(new Buffer()));      //=> false
console.log(has(new Buffer('foo'))); //=> true


Dates are always true.

console.log(has(new Date())); //=> true


Returns false if err.message is an empty string.

console.log(has(new Error()));      //=> false
console.log(has(new Error('foo'))); //=> true


Functions are always true.

console.log(has(function(foo) {})); //=> true
console.log(has(function() {}));    //=> true


console.log(has(new Map()));                 //=> false
console.log(has(new Map([['foo', 'bar']]))); //=> true


null is always true, as it's assumed that this is a user-defined value, versus undefined which is not.

console.log(has(null)); //=> true


console.log(has({})); //=> false
console.log(has({ a: 'a' }}));        //=> true
console.log(has({ foo: undefined })); //=> false
console.log(has({ foo: null }));      //=> true


console.log(has(1)); //=> true
console.log(has(0)); //=> true

Regular expressions

console.log(has(new RegExp()));      //=> false
console.log(has(new RegExp('foo'))); //=> true


console.log(has(new Set()));               //=> false
console.log(has(new Set(['foo', 'bar']))); //=> true


console.log(has('a')); //=> true
console.log(has(''));  //=> false


console.log(has());          //=> false
console.log(has(void 0));    //=> false
console.log(has(undefined)); //=> false

Release history


  • no longer supports numbers as a string
  • optimizations
  • adds support for regex and buffer


  • adds support for Map and Set
  • zero always returns true
  • array now recurses, so that an array of empty arrays will return false
  • null now returns true


<summary> Contributing</summary>

Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

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