Take screenshots of HAR Viewer
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$ cnpm install harviewer-screenshot 
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Take screenshots of HAR Viewer.


From the command line

harviewer-screenshot --help

  --hv-url            HAR Viewer URL.
            [required] [default: "http://gitgrimbo.github.io/harviewer/master/"]
  --har               HAR URL or file path. Can be provided zero or more times.
  --harp              HARP URL or file path. Can be provided zero or more times.
  --hv-page-idx       Index of the page to open.                    [default: 0]
  --hv-width          Width of viewport.                         [default: 1280]
  --hv-height         Height of viewport. Defaults to full
  --hv-show-stats     Show the stats or not.          [boolean] [default: false]
  --hv-show-timeline  Show the timeline or not.       [boolean] [default: false]
  --dest              Filename for the screenshot.    [default: "harviewer.png"]
  --help              Show help                                        [boolean]

Serve HAR files from standalone server

harviewer-screenshot --har http://localhost:8080/hars/myhar.har --hv-page-idx 4 --hv-width 1024

The HAR URL must point to a server supporting CORS. http-server can be used to serve local files with CORS. For example:

npm install -g http-server
http-server --cors

Serve HAR files using in-built server

If the --har argument is a valid file path, a local HTTP server is started to serve this file to HAR Viewer. E.g.:

harviewer-screenshot --har local-file.har

will start a HTTP server (on a random available port) and output something like the following:

Started local server on port 3933
Creating page
Opening http://gitgrimbo.github.io/harviewer/master/?har=http://localhost:3933/c:/path/to/local-file.har

Serve HAR file from stdin

E.g. (on Windows):

type x.har | harviewer-screenshot

As library

const screenshot = require("./lib/screenshot");

const opts = {
  hvUrl: "http://gitgrimbo.github.io/harviewer/master/?har=http://localhost:8080/my-har.har",
  hvPageIdx: 0,
  hvWidth: 1280,
  hvHeight: 1024,
  dest: "harviewer.png"




npm run lint


  • Customisation
    • Timeouts.
    • Remove tabs/button/extraneous chrome.
    • Custom pre-processing of HARs
      • Filter har.log.pages (E.g. if HAR has several pages but you're only interested in one/some).


MIT © Paul Grime

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