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$ cnpm install happn-protocol 
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happn protocol

this repository is where we analyze the happn protocol, and make suggestions for optimisations in the recommendations document

automated runs:



NB happn protocol checking discontinued, only happn-3 is now described and compared

automated protocol documents for happn-3:

click here

protocol documents for happn

in format: protocol version / happn version

protocol compare and document, manual run:

#ensure that your package json has the version of happn-3 you wish to describe

> npm run describe does the following:

> rm -rf node_modules/happn-3 && npm install && node describe

# check the difference between the 2 versions and protocols, as long as you have described them

> node compare 2.0.0/5.0.0-alpha.2 1.3.0/4.0.0 --v

# in format compare compareTo -> [protocol version]/[happn version] [protocol version]/[happn version] --v = verbose reporting

# this will console log a report which will list which operations have different protocol structures

# a quick compare is possible by doing
> node compare previous

# this will compare the current describe with the previous describe

backward compatibility testing

backward compatibility tests allow us to instantiate a client at a specific version and a server at another version, a set of operations in the form of tests are performed by the client and checked for correctness

# to run this, type the following in a shell session in the root of this project:
> node backward-compatibility/run <client version> <server version>
> node backward-compatibility/run 4.0.0 5.0.0-alpha.6

# you should get a response eventually that shows you wehere you can look for the test results:
run finished, check test results here:

/Users/simonbishop/Documents/Projects/happn-protocol/backward-compatibility/client/<client version>/results/latest.txt

# the results file shows the mocha out put of the test results.

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