A simple git based micropub endpoint
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An experimental publishing tool that takes incoming http requests, authorizes them and then turns them into static files inside a remote git repository for later consumption by a static site generator running in a gh-pages like environment or a dynamic web app that renders content from static files on disk.

It currently works but generates an inflexible Jekyll post file in a specific location in a repository and is undocumented!

Currently Working

  • micropub (posting)
  • Simple File handling for small files in git.
  • Support for a simple jekyll post schema.

Active Development

On the table:

  • Documentation: Micropub is still a baby.
  • Work out all the kinks.
  • Testing
  • Example Jekyll Template.

Future plans:

  • micropub (editing)
  • webmention
  • Robust file handling (S3, Dropbox, BitTorrent Sync, Camlistore)
  • Advanced syndication options (POSSE, PESOS)
  • Support for arbitrary post templates and schema.
  • Flexible pathing.
  • Static Site Generator Agnostic
  • Site Provisioning
  • One click deploy
  • Administration Panel
  • Automated Conflict Management and 3 way merges.
  • Get added to the Fork n Go listing
  • Migrate from express to Hapi

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