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A generator for Yeoman which implements a CoffeeScript and Sass friendly static site server, highly amicable to prototyping and pre-packaged with jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, d3, and Require.js components.

Getting Started with Sojourn

First, make sure you have npm installed, then follow these directions in your terminal:

  • npm install -g yo
  • npm install -g sojourn
  • Travel to the directory you want to start your Sojourn from, then:
  • yo sojourn
  • Open your favorite file editor from within this, your starting point, then:
  • grunt server

From here you can open assets/scripts/, assets/styles/application.sass, and app/index.html and get started building the application prototype of your dreams.

Why you should get to know Yeoman

Yeoman has a heart of gold. He's a person with feelings and opinions, but he's very easy to work with. If you think he's too opinionated, he can be easily convinced.

If you'd like to get to know Yeoman better and meet some of his friends, Grunt and Bower, check out the complete Getting Started Guide.


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