Yeoman Generator for a modern webdev environment. Optional with Client and/or Server framework on top. Includes batteries.
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$ cnpm install generator-grail 
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Grail Yeoman Generator

My personal Holy Grail for quickly getting started with a sweet webdev environment. If you can't catch it, at least you can come close. Using/modifying it for over a year, haven't looked back.


Make sure you have Yeoman installed:

npm install -g yo

Then install the generator:

npm install -g generator-grail

Local Installation

git clone
cd generator-grail
npm install
npm link

yo grail - Generate a app

mkdir appname
cd appname
yo grail

This will create a bare-bone webdev environment for a modular one page application. Check out the for an app to see what you'll get and how it works.

yo grail:extend - Extend the frontend app

My personal choice in frontend libraries and frameworks, like Vue.js, jQuery, Semantic-UI and (available in combination with yo grail:server).

Check out the for extending the app to see what you'll get and how it works.

yo grail:server - Extend with a Node.js backend

Sometimes just a frontend is not enough. If you'd like to have a simple Express.js, MongoDB, Lodash and backend to build on, run this generator.

Check out the for the backend to see what you'll get and how it works.

yo grail:auth - Extend front- and backend with registration/authentication

Run this generator to have a boilerplate for basic user registration and authentication. Note that you need to run yo grail:extend and yo grail:server beforehand.

Check out the for the registration/authentication to see what you'll get and how it works.

yo grail:workers - Extend with continuously running Workers

Run this generator to have a boilerplate for Workers that also have access to the config, helpers and models that the Server is using. They are called in an interval.

Check out the for Workers to see what you'll get and how it works.

yo grail:create - Create a Client/Server Component

This generator quickly creates a Component for the Client (Code, Style, Template and/or Test), the Server (Initialize, Helper, Routes, Model) or a Worker. Just run it and you are prompted with the different options.

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