GateKeeper Authentication compatible with the esoteric Microsoft GateKeeper SSPI
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$ cnpm install gatekeeper-sspi 
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GateKeeper SSPI compatible with the esoteric Microsoft GateKeeper SSPI Both GKSSPv2 and GKSSPv3 are supported.

This is a GateKeeper and GateKeeperPassport client library for use with Node.js. While node.js is the target, very little effort would be required to change the library for use in bare Javascript.


NPM Installation

$ npm install --save gatekeeper-sspi


var GateKeeperClient = require('gatekeeper-sspi').Client

gkClient = new GateKeeperClient([host])

(String host) is optional and will cause gatekeeper-sspi to use v3 authentication (instead of the default v2 authentication)

gkClient.usePassport(String <passportTicket>, String <passportProfile>)

Forces gkClient to use 'GateKeeperPassport' mode. Must be called before gkClient.init()


Returns a Buffer object, containing the initial authentication string.

gkClient.process(Buffer <data>)

Returns a Buffer object, containing the reply to the supplied data. If supplied data is unexpected (incorrect), returns Boolean false.

Contributions: To contribute, please fork and issue a Pull Request. (Hint: README needs updating)

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