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FSA front-end styles npm package

This is an npm package for FSA Pattern Library. The CSS development is done in PostCSS.


To include the styles in your project run:

npm install fsastyles --save

This will place the styles inside your node_modules and will add the package to you package.json.


In order to use the styles, they need to be compiled using postCSS and a set of plugins. The styles.css in the root directory of this project contains all @import needed to replicate the styles present on food.gov.uk. However, it is possible to include only the required components. As a minimum most components will require the import of helper.css and custom-property.css from the helper directory.

Styles for new services

This package contains latest styles used on food.gov.uk. Any updates to the core styles will be reflected here. If you are working on a new service, please create a branch from dev to create new styles for your service. Once they are signed-off, they will be merged to form a part of the package.

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