A centralized, Express http-server to be used with the Frost platform
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$ cnpm install frost-express 
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Frost Express

A centralized, Express http-server to be used with the Frost platform

Frost Server helps provide a solid, easily extensible foundation for fast-development of applications using node.

Frost Server still has no official release so the API is slim and the servers themselves a bit lacking. This package is not production ready and should not be used outside of the Frost-Builder dev server


  • A solid foundation for starting an Express project
  • Pretty error handling via Pretty Error
  • Security is a top priority utilizing hpp and Helmet
  • Easily extensible middleware system
  • Exported, extensible Mongoose configuration for MongoDB



const server = createExpressServer({
    // Static config defines where you want to server your
    // static files from.
    staticConfig: {
        public: 'build/client',
        path: '/static/'

    // After security takes an array of middleware to be 
    // added after the security middleware is added
    afterSecurity: [],

    // Before fallback functions the same as afterSecurity,
    // but later, before the fallback middleware has been added
    afterFallback: [],

    // A boolean that determines whether a unique nonce should be // added to the response object
    enableNonce: false


const mongoose = new createMongoose({
    // agenda is not set by default, but you can 
    // pass in an instance here and it will connect
    // agenda with the default mongoose instance
    agenda: new Agenda(),

    // This is an optional field and is only used when 'agenda'
    // is defined above. It is the collection name used by Agenda
    // for storing jobs
    agendaCollectionName: 'agendaTasks',

    //Optional field that should be used if agenda is in use.
    // It will call agenda.every(interval, name) upon connection
    // to the database (and reconnection and disconnect when it
    // it cancels these)
    agendaRecurringTasks: [
        // The below would be invoked as
        // agenda.every('5 minutes', 'locales')
        ['5 minutes', 'locales']
    // how often we should check to reconnect to mongo
    reconnectTime: 3000,

    // Sets the mongoose Promise
    Promise: global.Promise,

    // default logger, can use Frost Logger from frost-shared if desired
    logger: console,

    // mongo connection options and db name
    mongo: {
        url: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/test',
        options: {
            // opt-in to use new connection logic
            useMongoClient: true,
            // maximum number of reconnection attempts
            reconnectTries: Number.MAX_VALUE

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