Pull down cdnjs libraries and their dependencies with ease
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$ cnpm install fletch -g
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


Get your libraries and scripts from the interwebs fast and easy!

Fletch is inspired by tools like pulldown, but focuses on a faster experience and a way to download all the files linked to a package, including dependencies.

general screenshot


$ npm install -g fletch

This gives you a command-line command you can run from anywhere in your system.


$ fletch <packageName> [options]


-o, --options	Specify the ouput directory
-v, --version	Specify a version (semver support)
-h, --help		Show help page
-s, --silent	Discrete output: will only show prompts
-m, --minimal	Download only the main file (e.g.: jquery.min.js)
-t, --tag		Prints out html script/link tags instead of downloading

NOTE the --tag option will only print out tags for .js and .css files.


$ fletch jquery

Downloads latest version of jQuery to current dir

$ fletch jquery -o lib/deps

Downloads latest version of jQuery to the lib/deps/ directory

$ fletch jquery -v "<2"

Downloads a version of jQuery that's lower than 2.0.0

$ fletch jquery -t

Prints out a script tag for every file in the package


Tags screenshot


Fletch prompts the user when multiple packages have been found Conflict screenshot


Fletch scans for dependencies and asks you if you want'em. Dependency screenshot

Dependency conflicts

Will, again, ask you to resolve any conflicts found when looking for dependent files. Dependency conflict

Running tests

If you want to run the tests, you need mocha installed. Please run

$ npm install -g mocha

Then you'll need to pulldown the devdependencies

$ npm install

Now running either mocha or npm test will run the test suite.


If you're rocking vim as a text editor, try running :r !fletch jquery -mt, and you'll see a script tag for the latest version of jQuery appear under your cursor. Sweet huh?

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