Algorithm for finding the root of a yarn workspace, extracted from
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$ cnpm install find-yarn-workspace-root 
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Algorithm for finding the root of a yarn workspace, extracted from


yarn add find-yarn-workspace-root


const findWorkspaceRoot = require('find-yarn-workspace-root');

const workspaceRoot = findWorkspaceRoot(__dirname); // Absolute path or null


Contributions are welcome! Just clone this repository and install the dependencies:

git clone
cd find-yarn-workspace-root

Note that you'll need node and yarn installed. Next, verify the tests all pass:

yarn test

Then create a branch for your bugfix/feature, make changes and update the tests, and submit a pull request. Please do not change the version in package.json when submitting a pull request. We determine the next version automatically based on the commits since the last release.

NOTE: Commit messages follow the Angular commit message guidelines.


Releases are handled by Travis CI once a build succeeds on master. To trigger a release, bump the version using standard-version:

$(yarn bin)/standard-version

That should update the CHANGELOG, bump the version in package.json, and create a git tag. Then, just git push && git push --tags.

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