Generate list of files in a text file of directory
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$ cnpm install file-curator 
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File Curator

A Node script that generates a list of files in the current directory and stores it in a text file with added descriptions with each file.

Example Output: file-listing.txt


Install npm install -g file-curator

Run file-curator in current directory you wish to catalogue and you will be prompted to enter details.


-n [filename]: Use custom named text file. default is file-listing.txt
-f: Force re-write for all files.
-u: If there is description currently assigned to the file, skip asking to overwrite and use current.
-u: Generates empty comment and just generates file list.
-a: Sync with apple finder.
-d: Calculate directory file size, can be slow depending on how big the directory is. -help: Brings up help text.

Mac Users Note:

If on a Mac OS, the script will attempt to grab and set any comments attached to the file using finder if the -a flag is set.

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