Express app demo. With social login, i18n, unit test, create doc, minify files, check format and syntax.
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$ cnpm install express-demo 
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Express app example.


When I began an project personal, I had very problems for integrate diferents modules for login, i18n, send email, ORM, test unit, enviroment variables, generate documentation, minified files, check code format and syntax, etc.

Finally I could it solutions reviewing documentation officials, GitHub, StackOverflow and differents web site.

I hope that this example or part of it to be util for the community.

Sure that this example could improve and to be complete with more functionality. Are welcome suggestions, ideas, bugs identified, and colaborations. Greetings!

Live demo

Included modules

Modules dev




$ npm install express-demo


Create a file .env based on .env.example and add settings:

  • Port.
  • Name app.
  • Database.
  • Session.
  • Bcrypt salt.
  • Email.
  • Login social (Optional).

Quick Start

The scripts is configured in the file package.json

"scripts": {
    "start": "node ./bin/www",
    "start-dev": "NODE_ENV=development node ./bin/www",
    "test": "NODE_ENV=development mocha ./test/*.js"

For to start the server for development enviroment:

$ npm run start-dev

And to run the test suite on development enviroment:

Note: First must edit the file test/util/data-test.js putting your test data.

$ npm test

Run Grunt local (Default)


Run Grunt global (Optional)

First install globaly:

sudo npm i -g grunt-cli

Then to call Grunt is grunt directly.

Note: This too can considered for: sequelize-cli


  • Login on form.
  • Login with Google, Facebook and Twitter. (Optional)
  • Signup.
  • Forgot password.
  • i18n.

Features dev

Note: Considering Grunt global for simplicity.

  • Unit test.
  • Generate documentation: grunt jsdoc. Documentation generated in doc folder.
  • Check format and syntax code: grunt exec:eslint. If exists erros, look log/eslint.log file
  • Minimize public/js/general.js file: grunt exec:minGeneral. File generated: public/js/general.min.js
  • Minimize public/css/main.css file: grunt cssmin. File generated: public/css/main.min.js

Or only grunt for run all tasks. Look Gruntfile.js for more details.

Social login (Optional)

Create an app on Google, Facebook or Twitter and set in the file .env

For example for Facebook:


For reduce code, others callbacks follow same patter. For example:



Author: alditis

If this project help you some and you want support me, you can give me a donate. Thanks!

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