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$ cnpm install esm-dep-bundler 
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Just write JavaScript and let ESM-Dep-Bundler fully prepare your dependencies.


  • Scans your files for dependencies via import and export statements.
  • Installs NPM dependencies for you (via NPM via CLI via child_process).
  • Uses Rollup to compile your dependencies into a deployable folder ("web_modules").
  • Supports version in dependency names (to be cache-friendly).
  • Has built-in development web-server for your convenience.

Usage / Sample

  1. npm i -P esm-dep-bundler

  2. Add this to package.json:

    "ESM-Dep-Bundler": {
      "fileAliases": {
        "styled-components": "node_modules/styled-components/dist/styled-components.browser.cjs.js"
      "npmAliases": {
        "react": "npm:@reactesm/react",
        "react-dom": "npm:@reactesm/react-dom"

    The fileAliases key is for when a package has a non-browser entry point. In this case, styled-components's package.json has main and module keys that point to JS files that assume a Node.js environment. ESM-Dep-Bundler (via Rollup) can't work with that, since it requires Node.js modules. Instead of doing what webpack does and providing polyfills, ESM-Dep-Bundler allows you to just specify a browser-compatible file.

    The npmAliases key allows you to specify where an NPM package should be installed from. It uses the same syntax as the NPM CLI, which it literally shells out to. In this example, it installs Rollup-compatible versions of 'react' and 'react-dom' from NPM, so that any time your code or any of your dependencies import React, it'll see this version instead.

  3. npx esm-dep-bundler

  4. Create these files:

    • public/index.js

      <!DOCTYPE html>
          <script defer type="module" src="/app/main.js"></script>
          <div id="root"></div>
    • public/app/main.js

      import { ReactDOM } from '/app/deps.js';
      import { React } from '/app/deps.js';
      import { html } from '/web_modules/htm/react.js';
      import styled from '/web_modules/styled-components.js';
      import useCount from './util.js';
      function Greeting(props) {
        return html`
          <div>Hello <b>${}</b>!</div>
      function Counter(props) {
        const [count, increase] = useCount();
        return html`
            Count: <b>${count}</b> <button onClick=${increase}>+1</button>
      function App(props) {
        const [name, setName] = React.useState('world');
        const changeName = (e) => {
        return html`
          <div>Greet: <input autoFocus value=${name} onChange=${changeName} /></div>
          <${Greeting} name=${name}/>
        html`<${App} bar='you kid'/>`,
    • public/app/util.js

      import { React } from '/app/deps.js';
      export default function useCount() {
        const [count, setCount] = React.useState(0);
        const increase = () => setCount(oldCount => oldCount + 1);
        return [count, increase];
    • public/app/deps.js

      export {default as ReactDOM} from '/web_modules/react-dom@16.8.6.js';
      export {default as React} from '/web_modules/react@16.8.6.js';


$ npx esm-dep-bundler --help
  --help                 Show help                                     [boolean]
  --version              Show version number                           [boolean]
  --include-pattern, -i  A 'glob' to match JS/TS files to search for ESM
                         imports/exports, relative to <public-dir>.
                                                            [default: "**/*.js"]
  --use-https, -s        Use HTTPS for the dev-server.[boolean] [default: false]
  --public-dir, -p       Your web server's root public directory relative to
                         project root.                       [default: "public"]
  --web-modules-dir, -m  The name of the directory under <public-dir> that
                         should contain your web modules.
                                                        [default: "web_modules"]


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