module that exports the Promise property from es6-promise
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$ cnpm install es6-promise-promise 
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Simple package that exports the Promise property from es6-promise.

# Install npm i es6-promise-promise


Instead of var Promise = require('es6-promise').Promise;


var Promise = require('es6-promise-promise');

Why I created this

If you want to ship less code sometimes you just want to replace some Promise implementations by another.

For example if you don't want universal-promise in yup and you want to alias it (webpack configuration), you can't do it easily with

alias: {
    'universal-promise': 'es6-promise',

because one is a promise, the other an object.

Fix this by using

alias: {
    'universal-promise': 'es6-promise-promise',

and you're good to go.

Same thing with the ProvidePlugin for example ... This won't work

new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
    Promise: 'es6-promise', // Promise is not a function

This will

new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
    Promise: 'es6-promise-promise', // works as expected

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