Easy user session management for your TED application
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$ cnpm install ember-ted-session 
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This addon allows your Ember app to quickly pull in session based data, like current user, from your TED backend.


  • Your application must have a User model.
  • If using authorization, your User model must have an isAuthorized property


ember install ember-ted-session


Current user

As soon as your application boots up you'll probably want to fetch the current user. The ted-session service has a #fetch method for that.

// application/route.js

export default Ember.Route.extend({
  tedSession: Ember.inject.service(),

  beforeModel() {

Now any component can access the current user by just injecting the service.

// my-widget/component.js

export default Ember.Component.exnted({
  tedSession: Ember.inject.service(),
  currentUser: Ember.computed.readOnly('tedSession.currentUser')

Logging in

If you want to build a login form to let users login you can also use the ted-session service to authenticate with the backend.

// login/route.js

export default Ember.Route.extend({
  tedSession: Ember.inject.service(),

  actions: {
    login(email, password) {
          , password)
        .then(() => console.log('it worked'))
        .catch(() => console.loa('nope'));

Generating an unauthorized route

If your app distinguishes between authorized and un-authorized users (eg. not all authenticated users are authorized), you will probably want to redirect unauthorized users to a page explaining what happened. This addon contains a custom generator for creating this automagically.

  • a named unauthorized outlet in your application template: {{outlet 'unauthorized'}}
  • ember generate unauthorized-route will create a route named unauthorized and add it to your app's router.
  • ember generate unauthorized-route aw-hells-no will create the same but with your custom name (aw-hells-no in this case).

This generator will use your app's pod configuration and also accepts ember-cli's --pod flag.

Session service API

API Type About Returns Example
fetch() function Fetches the current user from the backend Promise tedSessionService.fetch()
terminate() function Tells the backend to log the current user out Promise tedSessionService.terminate()
login(email, password) function Logs in the user Promise tedSessionService.login('rt@ted.com', 'password');
currentUser property Returns the current user User DS.Model tedSession.get('currentUser')
isLoggedIn property Is there a current user Boolean tedSession.get('isLoggedIn')
isNotLoggedIn property Is there no current user Boolean tedSession.get('isNotLoggedIn')
isAuthorized property Returns isAuthorized property of the current user model, false if unavailable. Boolean tedSession.get('isAuthorized')



The get expects a JSON API document.

// GET ted-sessions/current

  "data": {
    "id": "current",
    "type": "ted-sessions",
    "links": {
      "self": "/ted-sessions/current"
    "attributes": {
      "csrf-token": "token"
    "relationships": {
      "user": {
        `isAuthorized`: true // optional 
        "links": {
          "self": "/ted-sessions/current/relationships/user",
          "related": "/ted-sessions/current/user"

The post however is formatted to match the JSON that a normal devise session controller would expect.

// POST ted-sessions/current

"user": {
  "email": "email",
  "password": "password"

CSRF token

If your response payload includes an attribute called csrf-token then it will be used as the X-CSRF-TOKEN in all future XHR requests.

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