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$ cnpm install ember-cli-deploy-fastboot-build 
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Ember CLI Deploy Fastboot Build

This addon is currently compatible with Ember CLI Deploy 0.5.x only!

What is this?

An ember-cli-deploy plugin that builds the fastboot app to the local file-system.

This plugin builds your application for FastBoot server-side rendering.

The code was mainly extracted from Tom Dale's Ember CLI Deploy Elastic Beanstalk Plugin.


ember install ember-cli-deploy-fastboot-build


  • environment - 'production'. The environment assets will be built in.
  • outputPath - 'tmp/fastboot-dist' - The location Fastboot assets will be written to.

ember-cli-deploy Hooks Implemented

For detailed information on what plugin hooks are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

  • build
  • didBuild

What is an ember-cli-deploy plugin?

A plugin is an addon that can be executed as a part of the ember-cli-deploy pipeline. A plugin will implement one or more of the ember-cli-deploy's pipeline hooks.

For more information on what plugins are and how they work, please refer to the Plugin Documentation.

Development Installation

  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • bower install

Running Tests

  • npm test

For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.

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