Library for managing files in a dPack, within memory, through randomized entry.
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$ cnpm install dwrem 
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Works alongside dwref and maintains dwref's read/write data in memory.

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Works alongside dwref and maintains dwref's read/write data in memory.


Install With NPM

npm install dwrem

Install With YARN

yarn add dwrem


var dwrem = require('dwrem')
var dPackFile = dwrem()

dPackFile.dPackWrite(0, Buffer.from('greetings'), function () {
  dPackFile.dPackWrite(5, Buffer.from(' martian'), function () {
    dPackFile.dPackRead(0, 11, console.log) // returns Buffer(hello world)

You can also initialize a dwrem instance with a Buffer:

var dPackFile = dwrem(Buffer.from('greetings martian'))

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JavaScript Style Guide


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