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$ cnpm install distwitchchat 
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DisTwitchChat App

This is the Chat app for DisTwitchChat. This app has many features that the overlay does not have.

Framework/Tech use

  • electron
  • React
  • Firebase


Install for Devolopment

  1. Clone this repository.
git clone https://github.com/willjw3/react-electron.git <your-project-name>
  1. Install Dependencies
npm install
  1. If you havent already, install Yarn globally.
npm install -g yarn
  1. Create a .env and add enviromnent variables from .env.sample. unless you are using a development version of the backend, the socket url should be set to https://api.distwitchchat.com/
  2. Navigate into project root and install dependencies.
cd <your-project-name> && npm install
  1. Run dev server.
npm run start

Deploy Development version

  1. Run the build process
npm run build
  1. Go into your project folder using your file explorer. Navigate to the dist folder and open it. Then double-click <your-project-name> Setup 0.1.0. Your app should open and there should now be an icon on your desktop for this app.

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