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$ cnpm install discord-term 
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✨ Discord Terminal

An extensible Discord terminal client. Can be used with bot or user tokens.

Disclaimer: Self-bots are against ToS and therefore discouraged. I am not responsible for any loss or restriction whatsoever caused by using self-bots or this software.

Although it's intended to be used with a bot token which is 100% compliant with Discord's ToS.


Discord Terminal

Get Started

Setting up is extremely easy. Just issue the following commands:

$ npm install --global discord-term

$ dterm

That's it! Although keep in mind that since the project is relatively new, you might encounter some bugs here and there.

This project has been tested and verified as working on native Ubuntu terminal and Windows command prompt + PowerShell using Node.js 10

Pst. Consider starring the repository if you like it! <3

Tricks & Tips

  1. Get moving quickly! You can easily switch between servers and channels using the /tag command.


     For a channel:
     $ /tag dev 437051394592210944
     $ /c $dev
     Or for a guild:
     $ /tag gamingcorner 286352649610199052
     $ /g $gamingcorner
     Or for a user:
     $ /tag cloudrex 285578743324606482
     $ /dm $cloudrex hello
     You can even use them for normal messages!
     $ <@$cloudrex> => Would send the message: <@285578743324606482>

    Easy right?

    In Linux, you can also just click the channels ;)

  2. Change message format style Customizability is what this project is heading for. I'm planning on adding support for plugins in the future! As of now, you can edit your message format and theme.


     $ /format {sender} ~> {message}
     Or even more fancy:
     $ /format [{sender}] => {message}

    Try it out and match your style. Shiny!

  3. Change themes Changing themes is easy. You can switch between themes using the /themes command.


     $ /theme dark-red

    Themes included:

    • default
    • dark
    • dark-red
    • rose
    • ruby
    • discord

    Want more? Make your own! Checkout how those themes were made under the themes directory (Psst. It's easy!).

    Don't forget to create a pull request submitting your awesome theme so everyone can use it!

  4. Pasting in the terminal You can use CTRL + SHIFT + V to paste data in most terminals.

  5. Neat details There's some cool magic behind the scenes that you might not know about:

    1. Just have your token in your clipboard before starting the application, it will automagically detect it and login.
    2. Alternatively, you can set the TOKEN environment variable and it will use it to automatically login.
    3. If you ever need to force a re-render because the UI might be buggy or so, use the /reset command.
    4. Pressing the UP arrow key after sending a message will allow you to edit it (similar functionality to Discord).
    5. Pressing the DOWN arrow key will delete your last message (if there was any).
  6. Super-secret mode Discord Terminal has this cool security feature that allows you to send + receive encrypted messages, and all you need to do is set a password.

    1. /encrypt secret_password_here_no_spaces This will set your decryption/encryption password
    2. /doencrypt Toggle automatic encryption of messages

    From now on, your messages will be sent encrypted, preventing anyone (including Discord) from deciphering them unless they have set the same password as you. This way, you can give your friends the secret password and both talk in an encrypted, safe manner.

    Any encrypted messages sent by other users using Discord Terminal will be intercepted and attempted to be decrypted with the currently set decryption key.

    Note: Your friend(s) must have set the same password in order to view your messages!

    Keep in mind that your password cannot contain spaces.

Thanks to all these wonderful people for contributing to the project:

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