Facilitates the use of ZURB's Ink for developers using the CLI with SASS, Email Testing, Compilation, etc...
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$ cnpm install developer-ink 
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Developer Ink


npm run init

Yields a config.yml in the repository's root that you can use to configure your email provider.

Note: For a list of supported email providers for the provider parameter see the following link.

Make Template

npm run make template-name

Change template-name to a relevant name for the email template. Creates a directory in templates for the name of your template, which contains index.html and a sass directory.

Switch Template

npm run current template-name

Work on another template where the template-name is the name given to your template during the make process – all commands will work from the current template.

Browser Testing

npm run start

Initialises the server on port 5000 for the current template whilst watching for any changes to your SASS files for automatic compilation to CSS.

Email Testing

npm run test

Uses the aforementioned configuration options to send a test email to the recipients via your chosen provider.

Note: For Gmail you need to enable access for less secure apps (see Stackoverflow):

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