browserify plugin for coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .coffee files (with compile cache)
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$ cnpm install coffeeify-cached 
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CoffeeScript browserify transform. Mix and match .coffee and .js files in the same project.


The difference between this package and the original coffeeify is that this module caches coffeescript compilations according to the files' hashes and stores them to disk so that next time a file with the same hash will be processed re-compilation won't be needed.


Given some files written in a mix of js and coffee:

console.log require './bar.js'


module.exports = require('./')(5)

module.exports = (n) -> n ** n

Install coffeeify into your app:

$ npm install coffeeify

When you compile your app, just pass -t coffeeify to browserify:

$ browserify -t coffeeify > bundle.js
$ node bundle.js

You can omit the .coffee extension from your requires if you add the extension to browserify's module extensions:

module.exports = require('./baz')(5)
$ browserify -t coffeeify --extension=".coffee" > bundle.js
$ node bundle.js

You can also pass options to the CoffeeScript compiler:

$ browserify -t [ coffeeify --bare false --header true ] --extension=".coffee"
// Generated by CoffeeScript 1.10.0
(function() {



Name Default Description
sourceMap null Generate source maps, deteremined from browserify's --debug option if not set.
bare true Omit the (function(){ .. }).call(this); wrapper.
header false Include the // Generated by CoffeeScript <version> header in every file processed.

When using browserify programatically options can be passed as an object, example:

browserify = require 'browserify'
coffeeify = require 'coffeeify'

bundle = browserify
  extensions: ['.coffee']

bundle.transform coffeeify,
  bare: false
  header: true

bundle.add ''

bundle.bundle (error, result) ->
  throw error if error?
  process.stdout.write result


With npm do:

npm install coffeeify



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