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$ cnpm install cody-cli 
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Cody CLI

Cody is a command line utility designed to help web development at the beginning of the developer's career. Cody takes care of the environment and let you focus on the code.

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Setting up a simple server (NIGIX, Apache) it's a difficult business, setting > up Grunt / Gulp to transpile LESS or SASS is even more difficult (especially if you don't know Javascript). Put the pieces together with tools like Webpack or Browserify it is simply impossible to the beginner.

I think those guys need a tool that allows them focus on getting an Hello World done, not getting the exercise being executed on their machine!


  • run your html through a local HTTP server
  • transparent transpilers:
    • write CSS, Less or Sass
    • write ES6 or even ES7*
    • use ES6 modules* to include Javascript into Javascript
  • get code hints for Javascript, CSS, Less*, Sass*

(*) to be done

Install & Run

Cody comes as a globally available command line tool which you install with NodeJS:

npm install -g cody-cli

Once it is installed you can easily bootstrap a new web project:

// setup a new empty folder
mkdir my-web-project
cd my-web-project

// this run the magic!

You project will be available at http://localhost:8080 immediately, and every change in your project's folder will be reflected in the server.

Less & Sass

Cody is able to understand less and sass:

foo.less -> foo.less.css
foo.scss -> foo.scss.css

All your transpiled code supports sourcemaps out of the box!

When you use CSS frameworks (or utilities packages) from NPM or Bower you can import those modules by name omitting the package directory:

// Sass
@import "bootstrap/scss/bootstrap"


Use the .jsx extension to access all the es2015 and react presets for Babel.

All your transpiled code supports sourcemaps out of the box!

Live Updates

.less, .sass and .jsx files are transpiled automatically every time you save them. You just need to refresh your browser window.


All the files inside the folders listed below are made available to the running server without any transformation:

  • assets/
  • images/
  • fonts/

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