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$ cnpm install cloak.localstorage 
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Cloak.js is a collection of modules for building modern web applications. Each module is designed to work with the others, but are decoupled to allow you pick and choose which ones you need. Want views but don't need to deal with models or a complex router? You can do that! First, make sure you have cloak.core which contains some basic utilities for each module. Then, install the modules you want.

$ npm install --save cloak.core
$ npm install --save cloak.view

Then, in your JavaScript, just start using the components. Cloak is designed to work in a CommonJS environment, so any tools that do so will work (like common.js or browserify).

var View = require('cloak.view');

var MyView = module.exports = View.extend({
    template: 'views/myview/myview.hbs',

    draw: function() {
        this.elem.innerHTML = this.render();


Cloak modules

  • cloak.core - The cloak core: tiny, but used by all the cloak modules
  • cloak.view - Provides the View class
  • cloak.model - Provides the Model and Collection classes for handling data
  • cloak.router - Provides the Router class for all you app routing needs
  • cloak.controller - Provides a super-minimal Controller class for transitioning displaying views
  • cloak.xhr - Provides an easy interface for making HTTP requests by XMLHttpRequest; Also provides an interface to define XHR methods on the Model and Controller classes
  • cloak.localstorage - Provides an easy interface for storing data in local storage; Also provides an interface to use local storage as your main app storage for Model and Collection classes
  • cloak.i18n - Provides a simple internationalization interface for storing translated phrases and determining a client's language
  • cloak.socketio - Provides a interface for models based on the dagger.js websocket api


$ npm install --save cloak.core cloak.model cloak.localstorage

The cloak.localstorage module is intended for apps that operate entirely in localstorage, as opposed to storing data on an API server. It extends the Model class with methods for performing CRUD operations inside of localstorage.

var Model  = require('cloak.model');
var store  = require('cloak.localstorage');


var Person = Model.extend({

    attrs: {
        name: ''


// Let's create a new person, "Bob"
var bob = new Person({ name: 'Bob' });

// Now, let's save Bob into localStorage;

// Next, we query the Person collection in localStorage for models with
// the name "Bob"
var bobs = Person.find({ name: 'Bob' });

// What we get back is a Person Collection containing the models found,
// in this case, we found Bob! :)
bobs instanceof Person.Collection;  // true
bobs.len() === 1;  // true'name') === 'Bob';  // true

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