Cells Platform Integration tests Composer vs Bridge
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Composer vs Bridge Integration Tests (Cells-cli is needed to build the app)

IMPORTANT: This module works running npm test, but should be configured as a dependency of cells-platform module in order to work properly. This is because all modules needed are provided by a previous step on cells-platform validation pipeline.

This module build a integration tests environment with elements provided by cells-platform. This 3 elements are necessary:

  • Composer (inside a docker image)
  • Bridge (inside cellsstarterkit as a dependency)
  • Cells-cli (installed locally)

All modules configuration are provided by tests.json generated by resolve-deps step in validation process. This is the minimum tests.json required:

  "bridge": {
    "version": "0.6.0"
  "composer": {
    "dependencies": {
      "bridge": "cellsbox/composer-core-compatibility"
    "version": "0.0.5"
  "dockerRegistry": ""

It checks that composer is running

  • Starts composer as a daemon and test that is working with a sampleApp.
  Run Composer Server
    ✓ Should return login page from sample app with proper request (1499671098943-CELLS-7644) (667ms)
    ✓ Should return error 400 from sample app with wrong idApp (1499671098943-CELLS-7645) request (127ms)

It run all e2e functional testing form the dependant app using composer

This tests use "cellsstarterkit.gb" : "git+ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/bbvacellsapp/cellsstarterkit.gb.git" dependency expressed on package.json file of this module. All functional testing are defined inside in their dependency to e2e module. "cellsstarterkit.gb.e2e" : "git+ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/bbvacellsapp/cellsstarterkit.gb.e2e.git"


  • Start local composer.
  • Configure app to use locally composer endpoint.
  • Run app:validate against local app configured to work with local composer.
  • Run all e2e tests of the app.
  Check Composer Bridge Compatibility
    ✓ Should validate all functional testing of cells-bridge app cellsstarterkit.gb (53370ms)

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