Repository where the functional tests of the components will be executed
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$ cnpm install cells-component-back-compatibility 
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Compatibility backwards for some components of Cells catalog

Repo with the functional tests for back compatibility in some of the Cells components of BBVA.

Configure the tests

In the components-test.js file we have several variables to configure in order to execute all the tests that we like.

  • flowsToTest: function that returns an array with the configuration of all the flows that you want to check. Example:

    const flowsToTest = () => {
      return [
          name: 'validate',
          exec: validate,
          timeout: 500000

    In this case we have configured the flow validate.

  • testComponents: array with the config of the components to test. Example:

const testComponents = [
    name: 'cells-atom-button',
    url: 'ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/ca/cells-atom-button.git'
    name: 'cells-molecule-star-rating',
    url: 'ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/bgcm/cells-molecule-star-rating.git'
    name: 'cells-ajax-behavior',
    url: 'ssh://globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/CBH/cells-ajax-behavior.git',
    disabled: true
    name: 'cells-template-animation-behavior',
    url: 'ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/cbh/cells-template-animation-behavior.git',
    disabled: true
    name: 'bgadp-employees',
    url: 'ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/bbvacellsapi/bgadp-employees.git',
    disabled: true
    name: 'bgadp-investment-funds',
    url: 'ssh://git@globaldevtools.bbva.com:7999/bbvacellsapi/bgadp-investment-funds.git',
    disabled: true

NOTE: (20/06/2017) Behaviours and bgadp components are failing on structural-testing step because of a problem reported to catalog team. While this problem was not solved these components are going to be disabled.

  • setPisco: function that set the bin/pisco.js

    const setPisco = () => {
      if (!process.env.piscoExec) {
        process.env.piscoExec = 'cells';

    We have to remember that wen this module is executed from the outside, the value of this variable will be the piscosour executable of the recipe to be tested.

Testing the components

If we like to test the components configured in the previous section, we launch simply npm test

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