browserify development server using HTTP/2 and ES6 Modules
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$ cnpm install capn 
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Experimental browserify development server using HTTP/2 and ES6 Modules


node capn.js ./demo/demo.js
open https://localhost:9977

browserify normally concatenates all modules into one bundle.js file, to reduce roundtrip HTTP requests and therefore latency. capn instead serves each module individually, taking advantage of the request streamlining improvements of HTTP/2 which make concatenation unnecessary.

Additionally, CommonJS modules are (partially) converted to ES6 modules using cjs2es6import for loading in the browser. For example, var foo = require('bar') is converted to import foo from 'id/bar', which causes an HTTP/2 request to /id/bar.js for loading the module.

Requires a modern browser for HTTP/2 support (tested on Chrome 41). ES6 Modules are polyfilled with es6-module-loader.

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