Browserify transform that compiles es2015 to es5 using Bublé
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$ cnpm install bubleify 
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A browserify transform for Bublé to transform ES2015 to ES5.


npm install --save-dev bubleify



const browserify = require('browserify');
const bubleify = require('bubleify');

const b = browserify();
b.transform(bubleify, {
  target: {
    chrome: 48,
    firefox: 44,
  transforms: {
    arrow: true,
    defaultParameter: false,
    dangerousForOf: true,


browserify script.js -o bundle.js -t [ bubleify ]


target: Object

Target specifies a list of environments the output file should be compatible to. Bublè will decide based on this list which transforms should be used.

transforms: Object

Transforms define which ES2015 features should or should not be transformed into ES5.

Bublèify by default disables the module transform to not throw an error when ES2015 import and export statements are used. If you want to use ES2015 modules you should add another transform to do so.

Find a list of all transforms on the Bublè documentation in section list of transforms. For more detailed information about each transform also see supported features and dangerous transforms.

sourceMap: Boolean

Define whether an inline source map should or should not be created by Bublé.

Default is true.

Please note that browserify will not output any source map if debug mode is false, even if sourceMap was set to true.

extensions: Array

The allowed file extensions that should be transformed with Bublé. Files included into the stream that do not match an extension will be ignored by Bubléify.

Default is ['.js', '.jsx', '.es', '.es6'].

bubleError: Boolean

Define whether the error generated by Bublè or a the Bublè error message as a string should be emitted in case of an error.

Default is false.

Bublè may in some situations throw a custom error. Browserify will, when used on the command line, just output the call stack in this situation but does not show the error message. Turning this option on will display the error message but suppresses the call stack.


Thanks goes to Rich Harris for the Bublè package.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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