Brainfock business management & CMS software.
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Brainfock - Business and Community Management Solution

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Written in universal JavaScript, NodeJS server with Loopback, ReactJS client with everything.

Copyright (C) 2015-present Sergii Gamaiunov @SergiiGama

Brainfock is a modern web-based CMF started out as task & project management tool and ended up as something that angels might have crafted. It will help you manage projects, project's tasks, deals, contacts, run community (discussion boards), manage documents like Wiki & much more. WIP, however!

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Whether you represent a company or a single developer, Brainfock at this stage is a great product if you want to join Open Source development, as it can be a great learning source because of it's development stack with live reloads of code, rich tests and cutting-edge technologies. Project is WIP, join and support!

  • Robust React.js-powered Web-client
  • Server-side rendering of React components, so documents like WIKI are Search-Engine-friendly
  • WebSockets (
  • Workspaces
  • Projects, Planning & Milestones, Tickets
  • Discussion boards (per project or any other object)
  • Wiki module - each object can have it's own Wiki; Special pages, Pages Index etc.
  • Customizable data scheme (projects, boards, issues are available out-of-the-box, everything is configurable)
  • Customizable issue (topic) types
  • Access control per container (e.g. project, discussion board) and items (e.g. issue, board topic)
  • User notifications in progress
  • Activity stream per object (project, issue etc.) in progress
  • I18n & L10n

Tech summary

  • React.js + Redux
  • Node.js' NPM, Webpack & Bower
  • Loopback
  • Google's Material Design guidelines (utilizing powerful
  • Universal JavaScript dev stack for browser, server, mobile.

Please, follow docs/ for in-depth information about used technologies and stack, setup and development.


Please, see docs/ for details

Contribution & support

Want to contribute? Great! I'll be very happy to get help. More info is coming closer to public code release.


Developer - Sergii Gamaiunov


  • Web installer
  • Activity stream (in progress)
  • Admin interface (in progress)
  • User sign-up per workspace, sign-up with 3rd party providers (optional, configurable by admin)
  • Admin's configuration wizard for data schemes and more predefined schemes (Sales management etc.)
  • Private messages
  • Uploads module
  • Plugins/extensions system
  • Mobile native apps for Android & iOS with react-native
  • Tests coverage
  • VCS integration for software development
  • Improved CMS page editor


Brainfock is released under GNU Affero General Public License, see


  • Works on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Feel free to report any issue.
  • As a rule of thumb, Brainfock supports all evergreen browsers plus last two pieces of IE.
  • You can support Brainfock development with donations


Sergii Gamaiunov, @SergiiGama,

Daniel Steigerwald, @steida

** Authors **

[sergii gamaiunov]:<@SergiiGama>,

Thank You!

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