High-level abstraction for building BeyondAsset transactions
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$ cnpm install beyondasset-transaction-builder 
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BeyondAsset Transaction Builder.
This module is a high-level abstraction for building transactions for issuing and transferring digital assets using the BeyondAsset protocol.


This repository is a work in progress.


npm install beyondasset-transaction-builder


var ColoredCoinsBuilder = require('ba-transaction-builder')
var bab = new ColoredCoinsBuilder()
var result = bab.buildsIssueTransaction({
  utxos: [{
    txid: 'b757c9f200c8ccd937ad493b2d499364640c0e2bfc62f99ef9aec635b7ff3474',
    index: 1,
    value: 598595600,
    scriptPubKey: {
      addresses: ['mrS8spZSamejRTW2HG9xshY4pZqhB1BfLY'],
      hex: '76a91477c0232b1c5c77f90754c9a400b825547cc30ebd88ac'
  issueAddress: 'mrS8spZSamejRTW2HG9xshY4pZqhB1BfLY',
  amount: 3600,
  fee: 5000,
  divisibility: 2

will print:

{ txHex: '01000000017434ffb735c6aef99ef962fc2b0e0c646493492d3b49ad37d9ccc800f2c957b70100000000ffffffff020000000000000000096a074343020522425088c4ad23000000001976a91477c0232b1c5c77f90754c9a400b825547cc30ebd88ac00000000',
  multisigOutputs: [],
  coloredOutputIndexes: [ 1 ],
  assetId: 'La5YH3tri7HbdzTUfeoiZWm8Dv39jJzgKb53JT' }


builder = ColoredCoinsBuilder([properties])

Create a new ColoredCoinsBuilder instance.

If properties is specified, then the default properties will be overridden.

  network: String,              // Which blockchain network should be used ('testnet' or 'mainnet', default='mainnet')
  defaultFee: Number,           // Transaction miner fee, fixed (default=null)
  defaultFeePerKb: Number,      // Transaction miner fee, per Kb (default=null)
  mindustvalue: Number,         // Minimum value to put in each output, in satoshi (except for OP_RETURN, default=600)
  mindustvaluemultisig: Number  // Minimum value to put in Multisig output, in satoshi (default=700)

Note: only one of defaultFee and defaultFeePerKb can provided. If none of them is provided, fee will be mandatory in each API call.


Build an issuance transaction.

args is a JSON of the format:

  • utxos Object[], array of unspent transaction outputs, required. Each consists of:
    • txid String, transaction ID (hex string of length 64).
    • index Number, UTXO index in its transaction.
    • value Number, value of the UTXO, in satoshi.
    • scriptPubKey Object, cosnists of:
      • addresses String[], array of addresses the output is directed to.
      • hex String, the UTXO's locking script hex.
  • issueAddress String, the Base58Check Bitcoin (or testnet) address which issues the asset, required.
  • amount Number, amount of units of the asset to issue, required.
  • fee Number, transaction miner fee in satoshi, required (unless constructed with one of defaultFee and defaultFeePerKb.
  • divisibility Number, how small is the smallest subdivision of the asset, calculated as 10^(-divisibility) (default=0).
  • lockStatus Boolean, is the issued asset locked (can't be reissued) or unlocked (default=true).
  • transfer Object[], array of transfer objects, each consists of:
    • amount Number, amount of units of the asset to transfer.
    • address String, address to send the assets to.
  • flags Object, consists of:
    • injectPreviousOutput Boolean, if true each input script will be its previous output script (default=false).
    • splitChange Boolean, split colored change and finance (BTC) change into 2 different outputs (default=false).
  • torrentHash String, hex string of length 40 (result of metadata's torrent SHA1).
  • sha2 String, hex string of length 64 (result of metadata SHA2).

On success, returns JSON which consists of:

  • txHex String, the result unsigned transaction hex.
  • assetId String, asset ID of the newly created asset.
  • multisigOutputs Number[], Array of indexes of the transaction multisig outputs.
  • coloredOutputIndexes Number[], Array of indexes of the transaction colored outputs (carrying assets).
  • receivingAddresses String[], Array of addresses which receive the assets.

On failure, may throw an Error.

The description of the 2 following functions will be expanded in the future:


args is a JSON of the format:

  • utxos
    • txid
    • index
    • value
    • scriptPubKey
      • addresses
      • hex
    • assets
      • assetId
      • amount
  • to
    • address
    • amount
    • assetId
  • fee


args is a JSON of the format:

  • utxos
    • txid
    • index
    • value
    • scriptPubKey
      • addresses
      • hex
    • assets
      • assetId
      • amount
  • burn
    • amount
    • assetId
  • fee

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