Provides Webpacks's es2015 Babel preset
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$ cnpm install babel-preset-webpack 
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Webpack Babel Preset

Provides Webpacks's es2015 Babel preset.


npm i -D babel-preset-webpack


Via .babelrc


  "presets": ["webpack"]


$ babel script.js --presets webpack 

Comparison Demo

The repo includes a copy of the extract-text-plugin for the purposes of vetting transpiled output to assist in the selection of ECMA features for this preset.

./demo-app/extract-text-orig: Original application code without modification.

./demo-app/extract-text-babel: es6 features added ( this is a wip ) without making significant changes to code structure.

Run the comparison build

$ npm run build

Babel will output transpiled code & sourcemaps to ./dist


Joshua Wiens

Juho Vepsäläinen

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