A plugin for that publishes stats to DynamoDB. See Also see
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$ cnpm install artillery-plugin-dynamodb 
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A plugin for that publishes stats to DynamoDB.

Based on artillery-plugin-cloudwatch

To use:

  1. npm install -g artillery

  2. npm install artillery-plugin-dynamodb (add -g if you like)

  3. Add dynamodb plugin config to your "hello.json" Artillery script

      "config": {
        "plugins": {
          "dynamodb": {
              "table": "[INSERT_TABLE_NAME]",
              "createTable": [true|false]
  4. artillery run hello.json

This will cause every latency to be published to the given DynamoDB table.

This plugin assumes that the aws-sdk has been pre-configured, before it is loaded, with credentials and any other setting that may be required to successfully PutItem to the DynamoDB table. This activity requires at least the rights given by the following IAM statement to the CloudWatch API in order to report latencies:

    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Action": [
    "Resource": ["arn:aws:dynamodb:`region`:`account-id`:table/`table-name`"]

If you want Artillery to automatically create the DynamoDB table, i.e. the createTable config is set to true, the 'dynamodb:CreateTable' action must be allowed on the same table resource.

For more information, see:


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