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Publish axe-core accessibility scan results as self-contained HTML files in the same format as accessibility-insights-web.


Before using accessibility-insights-report, you will need to run an axe accessibility scan to produce some axe results to convert. Typically, you would do this by using an axe integration library for your favorite browser automation tool (axe-puppeteer, axe-webdriverjs, cypress-axe).

accessibility-insights-report exports a factory that can be used to create a report object and output its results as HTML.

Use it like this:

import * as Axe from 'axe';
import * as AxePuppeteer from 'axe-puppeteer';
import * as fs from 'fs';
import * as Puppeteer from 'puppeteer'
import * as util from 'util';

import { reporterFactory } from "accessibility-insights-report";

test('my accessibility test', async () => {
    // This example uses axe-puppeteer, but you can use any axe-based library
    // that outputs axe scan results in the default axe output format
    const testPage: Playwright.Page = /* ... set up your test page ... */;
    const axeResults: Axe.AxeResults = await new AxePuppeteer(testPage).analyze();

    // Construct the reporter object from the factory
    const reporter = reporterFactory();

    // Perform the conversion
    const html = reporter.fromAxeResult(axeResults).asHTML();

    // Output the HTML file for offline viewing in any modern browser
    await util.promisify(fs.writeFile)(
        { encoding: 'utf8' });


To contribute, please visit accessibility-insights-web for more information.

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